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The national online alternative to the GED. Offered by a 20-year established accredited school.

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The benefits of obtaining our GED credentials

Education plays a big role in creating a better life. Apparently, the people with credentials get the lucrative opportunities in the job market. The folks that never completed high school education end up regretting. They never get fair chances with their graduated counterparts. Employers want skilled individuals that will add value to their companies. Skills are acquired via learning. Our main goal is helping individuals interested in enrolling in GED program. The credentials obtained from this program are similar to high school credentials. We help people make their dream a reality. Listed below are the benefits of obtaining the GED credentials.

Further education

Furthering education without high school qualifications is impossible. An applicant must qualify in high school to be admitted to college. Proof of qualification is credentials. Most people cannot advance in education due to lack of high school certificates. The GED program is a suitable alternative. After qualifying for the General Education Diploma test, you get credentials equaling high school certificates.


People are never paid the same in organizations and in government. The qualifications of a person determine their wages. People with higher credentials are paid more. People with high school certificates are paid 5000 dollars higher every year than those that without it. Our program can help in raising your wages. With our respected GED credentials, you will be paid 5000 dollars more yearly.

No bias

People have numerous reasons why they never completed high school training. That does not matter since GED gives them another chance. The program is sought after by people of all genders and different ages. We do not bias the people in need of GED training. Anyone despite their age or sex can enroll. However, they must have met the basic requirements of General Education Diploma program.

Easy to enroll

We have made the process of joining our program very easy. The applicants do not need to visit our office to submit their application. They can complete the application process online. The outcome of their application will be known online. The internet made applying for the online course very easy.


We have a growing list of institutions that accept our diploma inluding:

  • United States Office of Personnel Management National Background Investigations Bureau

  • Industrial Staffing Services, Inc

  • Children’s Hospital Colorado

  • North Wake Campus

  • US army

  • National Guard

  • Delta College

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