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Faith- Life Skills

40 questions - 65 minutes


Thought provoking questions that will take the pulse of your spiritual life. In addition, questions that will boost your life skills!

Study guide coming soon!

Math part 1

25 questions - 45 minutes


Every day, useful math problems, not modern math. Study guide coming soon!

Math part 2

25 questions - 45 minutes


Problem-solving and business math.

Study guide coming soon!


50 questions - 75 minutes


Questions and information that will prove useful in life. New: For a limited time free Study guide for new students!

History - Social Studies

50 questions - 70 minutes

This section contains questions on information every American should know. See study section in the exam center for more information.

New: For a limited time a free Study Guide for new students!


50 Questions - 70 minutes


Science questions on information every adult should know. See study guide in the exam center.

New: For a limited time a free Study Guide for new students!

Attributes that make our high school lessons outstanding

People that scale higher heights in their careers are committed to learning. Learning is done in phases. A person must undergo high school training before enrolling in college. Successful college applicants qualified in high school. Those who never completed high school education never advance in their profession. To undertake job training by furthering their career, they must undergo a GED program. That is one of our specialties. We have delivered GED training for many years. Our program is a springboard for most folks needing a glorious career. We work towards ensuring our students succeed in getting GED credentials. Listed are the attributes that make our program outstanding.

Receiving results

We are conscious of the anxiousness of our students to receive their results after the exam. That made us shorten the waiting period for results. The results can be channeled online, which gives the students easy access to results. Apparently, most people have access to the internet. That is one of the reasons why our previous students loved our complete high school lessons online.

Taking the test

After missing a test in any institution, the student will be forced to repeat the whole course. That will culminate in delays to graduate. With vital commitments outside town, you will fail to sit for the exams. However, that is never the case with our students. Our examinations are administered online too. Hence, the students can access the test at any time without a problem.

Cost of program

One of the reasons that forced some individuals to drop out of school was finances. Apparently, education has become expensive. Some schools have increased their fees just to gain more profits from their training. We have strived to make

our High School lessons more affordable. The low fees enabled us to help more people that needed affordable learning.

Great instructors

We would have never attained any success without the aid of our able instructors. The instructors are responsible for imparting knowledge to the students. To provide world-class training, we hired skilled teachers with immense knowledge. Apart from being proficient, our instructors are available and willing to help. Students can have their attention at any time.

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